What bands are playing this year?

Probably the most common question asked when booking with Glencoe. The answer, however, is never all that simple. There are a number of factor that go into selecting the entertainment each year, including price, is the band touring, do they want to come to Sturgis, etc, etc, etc. We always welcome suggestions from our campers and do our best to provide a wide variety of entertainment options. As soon as we are contractually able we will announce bands right here on our website, our Facebook page and via Twitter. We will say that the Rolling Stones are probably just a little out of our price range.

What is the difference between General Camping vs. RV Sites vs. Cabins?

Let's start with what they all have in common: First, they're all a great way to join the party at Glencoe. Also, each type of accomodation requires that EVERY person purchase a wristband. That wristband gives you access to all the facilities throughout the campground. If you prefer to pitch a tent, bring a dry (no utilities) camper, or even just sleep under the stars then you're covered. 
RV sites are the next step up. We offer 30Amp and 50Amp services, and unlike many properties ALL of our RV spaces are a minimum of 25' x 75' and come with water, power AND sewer.
Last but not least are the cabins. We have models that accomodate parties from 2 to 8 people with a variety of ammenities. The larger Park Models and Executive Cabins have full kitchens with full size appliances, full bathrooms with shower, sink and toilet. They are air conditioned and heated and are outfitted just like a top tier hotel with toiletries, bedding, and even a bag of ice and case of water chiiling in the fridge waiting for your arrival.

Can I reserve a specific general camping spot?

ICurrently, no. Our property includes hundreds of acres of general camping with mature shade trees so you shoud have no shortage of choice to comfortably lay out your spread. The opening day for 2015 is July 27th at 7:00am. There will be no one admitted before that time.

Do you allow pets?

You bet, as long as you treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated (no smelly surprises in the middle of the night).

Can I ship in gear?

You can ship using UPS and FedEx. There will be a $10 handling fee, and you can pick your gear up at the main gate. The shipping address is: Glencoe CampResort, 20555 Glencoe Drive, Sturgis SD 57785.

How's the security at Glencoe?

It's great! We have twenty-four hour roving security guards, gate security, event security, and even dedicated 24-hour EMT services on-site.

Can I have visitors at my campsite?

We do allow visitors at the following rate: $20 for an 8-hour period. All visitors must show a valid driver's license.

Can I reserve a specific RV site?

Yes, all of our RV sites are individually assigned and reserved for the entire 14 day period we are open each year for the Sturgis Rally. If you have stayed with us and would like to reserve the same spot for the following year you must make a deposit before the end of the current Rally.

What can I put on my RV site?

That 25' x 75' lot is basically your little piece of South Dakota for two weeks, so, you can park just about anything there...vehicles, tents, campers, trailers, etc.

Can I reserve a specific camping site?

Camp sites are first-come-first-served, so if you have a specific spot you want, you'll have to get here early. We don't limit the size of your site; however, you can't use barricades or tape to mark your territory.

What can I put on my camping site?

You have lots of room, so make yourself at home. In general camping, you can park trailers and vehicles next to your tent. The 'motorcycle only' area is for tents and motorcycles; you can take your vehicles and trailers to the overflow parking lot by the Pavilion.

Can we camp at Glencoe the other 50 weeks of the year?

Currently, Glencoe is open to individual camping during the Sturgis Rally only. The campground is available to large groups (youth camps, RV clubs, etc.) when coordinated in advance.

Can I have a campfire or bonfire?

Nope. Meade County has passed a permanent 'open burning' ordinance - no open flames. This means no campfires, no bonfires, and no open fire pits. You can bring camp stoves and lanterns.

Do you allow children to camp at Glencoe?

Grudgingly, we do allow children; however, remember that this is adult entertainment, and the other campers don’t want to be around your kids. It’s honestly better to bring your kids to the Black Hills some other time of the year when the atmosphere is more family-friendly. 

Do you have a daily rate?

No. Admission to Glencoe CampResort covers two weeks, no matter how many days you stay.

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