Private Toilets

Rent Your Own Private Portable Toilet

After a long ride in the Hills or a couple of cold ones at your campsite, nothing beats the sweet relief of your own private facility to "take care of business".

 Glencoe CampResort has teamed with Kieffer Sanitation to provide all Glencoe campers the option of renting their own private, portable toilet. These units will be available from August 3-16, 2020 for a low flat rate.


Upon your arrival at Gencoe, let Glencoe know you have paid for a toilet. Kieffer Sanitation will meet you and place your private toilet in a convenient location adjacent to your campsite, RV site or cabin.

You will then be provided with a lock and key to secure your toilet and ensure its use by your party only. Kieffer staff will keep the second key to access the unit for cleaning.
Each unit will be serviced daily by Kieffer Sanitation professionals.

They all arrive fully stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizers. These products are refilled on a daily basis as well.

Cabins with Port a Potty Private Toilet

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Kieffer Sanitation

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