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While the uniqueness of Glencoe is surpassed by just about nobody, there is one town that is almost as unique as the premiere Glencoe campground and that town is Deadwood. Deadwood is a historic town known for its history and Wild West feel that has now given way to casinos, making it a popular stop for tourists looking for a bit of history while kicking their feet back. So what’s so great about Deadwood that beats the legendary Glencoe Campground? Here are a few things to check out that will give you a taste of what Deadwood is all about.

Saloon No. 10
The Saloon No. 10 is one of the most historic stops on your ride to Deadwood. This historic bar is much more than a place to satisfy your thirst and throw a few back with your buddies. This bar is the place in which Wild Bill Hickok met his demise and was killed. The chair that he was sitting in at the time it happened is on display in the bar, as well as numerous other photos and memorabilia from other historic Deadwood residents. You could spend hours perusing the history inside this bar. Good thing there’s plenty to drink!

Mount Moriah Cemetery
The Mount Moriah Cemetery sits atop a hill that overlooks all of Deadwood and will certainly test the power of your motorcycle (or legs) to get you to the top of the hill. Once at the top the view is spectacular and the history is rich. Take a look at some of the gravestones that include Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, to name a few. Deadwood’s most interesting characters are buried here and it’s certainly worth a visit.

Main Street Shootouts
Yes, that’s right, we said shootouts. The Deadwood Alive troupe sets out six nights a week to perform their historic reenactment of Main Street shootouts right in the middle of the street. See history in action during these (perfectly safe) shootouts that are sure to entrance everyone.

Days of ’76 Museum
Looking for some more history? There’s certainly no shortage of it here! Check out Deadwood’s Days of ’76 Museum is the newest museum to the community and shows the history of the Days of ’76 Celebration and rodeo, as well as features a stunning collection of American Indian artifacts. This is one museum that is a must for history buffs that want to learn everything there is to learn about Deadwood and the surrounding Black Hills.

The riding in and around Deadwood is worth a ride out there in and of itself. Just a quick ride from the heart of Glencoe, Deadwood and the surrounding Black Hills offer some of the best riding in the country.

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