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Keystone and Mount Rushmore

Don't Miss Keystone
One of the favorite stops while in the Black Hills for bikers staying at Glencoe is Mount Rushmore. The gorgeous, twisting, and turning ride through the hills is as close to a religious experience as you can get and Mount Rushmore will instill a major sense of patriotism in everyone who rides by. But to get to Mount Rushmore most visitors will go through Keystone, the town which Mount Rushmore resides in. The town of Keystone can be easy to miss, but it is definitely worth a stop on your ride through the Black Hills.

The town of Keystone is about two miles away from the national monument Mount Rushmore and is home to many local businesses that are worth a visit during your trip. From restaurants to shopping boutiques for the ladies, and everything in between, there is certainly something for everyone in this small town.


Much of Keystone thrives on tourist traffic in the summer and is home to many great activities and shops that can help you really experience Keystone. Go for a ride down the mountain on the Alpine Slide or Zipline, or take a ride on the Scenic Chairlift at Rushmore Tramway Adventures, dig deep into the Black Hills at the Big Thunder Gold Mine or Rushmore Cave. Take old time photos at a shop along Main Street and stop for a bite to eat at local restaurants like the Powder House and Teddy's Deli.

Also calling Keystone home is the 1880 Train, which will allow riders to take a ride through the Black Hills while aboard the historic 1880 Train. Learn about the local history and some of the fun facts of the Hills while on your train ride. If history is your thing, learn as much as you can about Mount Rushmore at the Rushmore Borglum Story or visit the National Presidential Wax Museum. There really is something for all types in Keystone. Get a view that most people don't get to see of Keystone by taking a helicopter ride from Keystone through the Black Hills. It truly is breathtaking to see.

The ride from Glencoe to Keystone is a beautiful one that even the best motorcycle riders could truly enjoy. Twists and turns through the Black Hills offer constantly changing scenery for riders to enjoy. Trees towering into the sky and some of the best twisting roads will keep riders on their toes. This is one ride that many locals enjoy taking throughout the year to really take in all that the Black Hills have to offer.

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